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BAKEWELL BAKERY offers hands-on, interactive classes of 5-12 students (maximum) in the Flossmoor bakery. Cost is $65pp which includes all materials. Children ages 13-17 must be accompanied by an adult. Sorry no children under the age of 13.  Contact about GIFT CERTIFICATES!

LEVEL I: Gain knowledge and useful tips as you observe the technical macaron process and work on your piping skills. Students take home the Bakewell Macarons made during class! Duration 3- 3 1/2 hours. 5 students minimum to conduct class

Producing macaron is an artisan craft and takes time and commitment to master. There are numerous technical aspects. The three key steps are: Making the perfect meringue, the method of mixing the batter called, "macaronage technique" and hand-piping the shells."  - Chef Ledsham

*I recommend taking the class with a friend/family member so you have someone to make macarons with post class!

2017 Class Schedule

May 13th  -  3p-6:30p
May 27th  -  3p-6:30p
June 10th -  3p-6:30p
June 24th -  3p-6:30p
July 8th    -  3p-6:30p
July 22nd -  3p-6:30p

*Recipes provided by Bakewell Bakery Inc. may not be traded, sold or published on any platform including, but not limited to: blogs, social media, print, video, radio or TV without permission. 2017 Bakewell Bakery Inc.

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