Bakewell Bakery - Great British Food

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We are located at

1050 Sterling Avenue Flossmoor, Illinois 60422
Wed-Fri 6:30am to 4pm
Sat 7:00am to 2pm
 Sunday Closed for Afternoon Teas and Events

 We specialize in traditional British sweet and, savory foods. We carry our own authentic British and Irish Banger Sausage and Back Bacon.
We also have an assortment of your favorite
British Groceries!

We think that British food with the right combination of flavors, wit and charm has an infectious, life-enhancing effect on the whole family.  All our products are fresh and locally sourced from some of Illinois best renowned farms.

Our British recipes are family and time honored, we bend over backwards to add the touches that other bakeries find trifling.  And, because we love things that taste brilliant we never compromise on quality.